Microsoft Open Volume

Microsoft Open Volume Price List (For Large Purchases)Microsoft Open License

Prices listed below are MSRP.  Contact us today for reduced pricing and additional discounts.  500 points required in a given pool to qualify for Open Volume pricing.

Part # Description Points List Price Pool
077-06124 Access 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $184 Apps
077-02523 Access SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $291 Apps
077-02657 Access Sngl SA OLP C 1 $107 Apps
689-01078 AutoRouteEuro 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $31 Apps
689-00381 AutoRouteEuro Win32 SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $48 Apps
689-00433 AutoRouteEuro Win32 SNGL SA OLP C 1 $18 Apps
XRA-00184 BztlkAdptrPk 2.0 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 75 $5,828 Servers
XRA-00011 BztlkAdptrPk SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 150 $8,742 Servers
XRA-00019 BztlkAdptrPk SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 75 $2,914 Servers
HJA-00548 BztlkSvrBrnch 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 25 $2,478 Servers
HJA-00145 BztlkSvrBrnch SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 50 $3,717 Servers
HJA-00135 BztlkSvrBrnch SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 25 $1,239 Servers
F52-01898 BztlkSvrEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 200 $43,343 Servers
F52-00370 BztlkSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 400 $65,014 Servers
F52-00412 BztlkSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 200 $21,672 Servers
DHD-00230 BzTlkSvrEntRFID 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 50 $4,931 Servers
DHD-00150 BzTlkSvrEntRFID SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 100 $7,396 Servers
DHD-00153 BzTlkSvrEntRFID SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 50 $2,465 Servers
D75-01702 BztlkSvrStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 75 $9,936 Servers
D75-00230 BztlkSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 150 $14,904 Servers
D75-00258 BztlkSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 75 $4,968 Servers
35F-00114 CmmnctrMac 2011 SNGL OLP C 1 $31 Apps
35F-00107 CmmnctrMac SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $48 Apps
35F-00111 CmmnctrMac SNGL SA OLP C 1 $18 Apps
G20-00606 CmmrcSvrEnt 2009 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 125 $19,813 Servers
G20-00058 CmmrcSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 250 $29,719 Servers
G20-00066 CmmrcSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 125 $9,907 Servers
532-01360 CmmrcSvrStd 2009 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 75 $6,934 Servers
532-00571 CmmrcSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 150 $10,400 Servers
532-00670 CmmrcSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 75 $3,467 Servers
W06-00004 CoreCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $293 Servers
W06-00416 CoreCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $293 Servers
W06-00007 CoreCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $98 Servers
W06-00413 CoreCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $98 Servers
2TH-00193 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL 1.0 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $70 Servers
2TH-00187 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $104 Servers
2TH-00190 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $35 Servers
R6H-00224 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR 1.0 SNGL OLP C 1 $70 Servers
R6H-00208 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $104 Servers
R6H-00211 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR SNGL SA OLP C 1 $35 Servers
JS6-01082 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL 1.5 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $112 Servers
JS6-00152 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $167 Servers
JS6-00164 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $56 Servers
JS5-00595 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr 1.5 SNGL OLP C 1 $112 Servers
JS5-00082 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $167 Servers
JS5-00088 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr SNGL SA OLP C 1 $56 Servers
QYA-00387 DynCRMAddtvCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 10 $725 Servers
QYA-00392 DynCRMAddtvCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 10 $725 Servers
QYA-00397 DynCRMAddtvCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 5 $242 Servers
QYA-00402 DynCRMAddtvCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 5 $242 Servers
QHA-00203 DynCRMAddtvExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $3,107 Servers
QHA-00208 DynCRMAddtvExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 25 $1,036 Servers
ZFA-00072 DynCRMCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 20 $1,034 Servers
ZFA-00065 DynCRMCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 20 $1,034 Servers
ZFA-00058 DynCRMCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 10 $345 Servers
ZFA-00051 DynCRMCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 10 $345 Servers
QJA-01058 DynCRMEntSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $5,178 Servers
QJA-01063 DynCRMEntSvr SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,726 Servers
ZGA-00034 DynCRMExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $5,178 Servers
ZGA-00027 DynCRMExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,726 Servers
QZA-00059 DynCRMLtdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $310 Servers
QZA-00427 DynCRMLtdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $310 Servers
QZA-00053 DynCRMLtdCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $104 Servers
QZA-00426 DynCRMLtdCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $104 Servers
Q5A-00203 DynCRMLtdExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,071 Servers
Q5A-00208 DynCRMLtdExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 25 $691 Servers
QCA-00948 DynCRMProSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,071 Servers
QCA-01211 DynCRMProSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 5Clt 100 $7,240 Servers
QCA-00953 DynCRMProSvr SNGL SA OLP C 25 $691 Servers
QCA-01214 DynCRMProSvr SNGL SA OLP C 5Clt 50 $2,414 Servers
QAA-00264 DynCRMWkgrpSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,588 Servers
QAA-00269 DynCRMWkgrpSvr SNGL SA OLP C 25 $863 Servers
065-07302 Excel 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $180 Apps
065-03367 Excel SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $284 Apps
065-03540 Excel Sngl SA OLP C 1 $105 Apps
D46-00895 ExcelMac 2011 SNGL OLP C 1 $180 Apps
D46-00224 ExcelMac SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $284 Apps
D46-00263 ExcelMac SNGL SA OLP C 1 $105 Apps
PGI-00433 ExchgEntCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL woSrvcs 1 $41 Servers
PGI-00436 ExchgEntCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL woSrvcs 1 $41 Servers
PGI-00421 ExchgEntCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL woSrvcs 2 $61 Servers
PGI-00424 ExchgEntCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL woSrvcs 2 $61 Servers
PGI-00427 ExchgEntCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL woSrvcs 1 $21 Servers
PGI-00430 ExchgEntCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL woSrvcs 1 $21 Servers
3ED-00235 ExchgSB 2007 SNGL OLP C 10 $590 Servers
3ED-00229 ExchgSB SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $885 Servers
3ED-00232 ExchgSB SNGL SA OLP C 10 $295 Servers
5ZD-00395 ExchgSBCAL 2007 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $60 Servers
5ZD-00398 ExchgSBCAL 2007 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $60 Servers
5ZD-00383 ExchgSBCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $89 Servers
5ZD-00386 ExchgSBCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $89 Servers
5ZD-00389 ExchgSBCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $30 Servers
5ZD-00392 ExchgSBCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $30 Servers
381-04176 ExchgStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $67 Servers
381-04179 ExchgStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $67 Servers
381-03386 ExchgStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $100 Servers
381-03397 ExchgStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $100 Servers
381-03438 ExchgStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $34 Servers
381-03449 ExchgStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $34 Servers
395-04361 ExchgSvrEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $3,970 Servers
395-02428 ExchgSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $5,955 Servers
395-02548 ExchgSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,985 Servers
394-01280 ExchgSvrExtConn 2010 SNGL OLP C 200 $49,535 Servers
394-00258 ExchgSvrExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C Qlfd 400 $74,303 Servers
394-00241 ExchgSvrExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 200 $24,768 Servers
312-04046 ExchgSvrStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 10 $694 Servers
312-02198 ExchgSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,041 Servers
312-02300 ExchgSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 10 $347 Servers
47F-00185 ExprssnEncdrPro 4.0 SNGL OLP C 1 $47 Apps
47F-00174 ExprssnEncdrPro SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $74 Apps
47F-00177 ExprssnEncdrPro SNGL SA OLP C 1 $27 Apps
NKF-00295 ExprssnStdioUlt 4.0 SNGL OLP C 2 $465 Apps
NKF-00441 ExprssnStdioUlt 4.0 SNGL OLP C PtnrOnly 1 $278 Apps
NKF-00289 ExprssnStdioUlt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $734 Apps
NKF-00520 ExprssnStdioUlt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C Promo 2 $367 Apps
NKF-00435 ExprssnStdioUlt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PtnrOnly 2 $440 Apps
NKF-00292 ExprssnStdioUlt SNGL SA OLP C 2 $270 Apps
NKF-00438 ExprssnStdioUlt SNGL SA OLP C PtnrOnly 1 $162 Apps
NHF-00242 ExprssnStdioWebPro 4.0 SNGL OLP C 1 $116 Apps
NHF-00221 ExprssnStdioWebPro SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $183 Apps
NHF-00239 ExprssnStdioWebPro SNGL SA OLP C 1 $67 Apps
AEF-00079 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint 2010 SNGL OLP C 200 $21,671 Servers
AEF-00073 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 400 $32,506 Servers
AEF-00076 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint SNGL SA OLP C 200 $10,836 Servers
7VC-00150 FrfrntIdnttyMgr 2010 SNGL OLP C 125 $14,544 Servers
7VC-00072 FrfrntIdnttyMgr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 250 $21,816 Servers
7VC-00075 FrfrntIdnttyMgr SNGL SA OLP C 125 $7,272 Servers
7WC-00126 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $18 Servers
7WC-00066 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $27 Servers
7WC-00069 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $9 Servers
9GC-00125 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn 2010 SNGL OLP C 125 $17,938 Servers
9GC-00066 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 250 $26,906 Servers
9GC-00069 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 125 $8,969 Servers
4VD-00327 FrFrntTMGEnt 2010 SNGL OLP 25Lic C 1Proc 200 $72,719 Servers
4VD-00213 FrFrntTMGEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 50 $5,647 Servers
4VD-00321 FrFrntTMGEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP 25Lic C 1Proc 400 $109,079 Servers
4VD-00207 FrFrntTMGEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 100 $8,470 Servers
4VD-00324 FrFrntTMGEnt SNGL SA OLP 25Lic C 1Proc 200 $36,360 Servers
4VD-00210 FrFrntTMGEnt SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 50 $2,824 Servers
HWC-00049 FrFrntTMGMidBsnss SNGL OLP C 1Proc 25 $1,270 Servers
4WD-00237 FrFrntTMGStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 25 $1,285 Servers
4WD-00231 FrFrntTMGStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 50 $1,927 Servers
4WD-00234 FrFrntTMGStd SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 25 $643 Servers
37D-00105 FrFrntUAGCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $15 Servers
37D-00108 FrFrntUAGCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $15 Servers
37D-00093 FrFrntUAGCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $23 Servers
37D-00096 FrFrntUAGCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $23 Servers
37D-00099 FrFrntUAGCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $8 Servers
37D-00102 FrFrntUAGCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $8 Servers
39D-00054 FrFrntUAGExtConn 2010 SNGL OLP C 200 $33,167 Servers
39D-00048 FrFrntUAGExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 400 $49,751 Servers
39D-00051 FrFrntUAGExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 200 $16,584 Servers
35D-00060 FrFrntUAGSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 75 $6,341 Servers
35D-00054 FrFrntUAGSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 150 $9,512 Servers
35D-00057 FrFrntUAGSvr SNGL SA OLP C 75 $3,171 Servers
9TA-00708 HPCPk 2008R2 SNGL OLP C Ent 5 $441 Servers
9TA-00398 HPCPk 2008R2 SNGL OLP C forWrksttn 1 $114 Servers
9TA-00702 HPCPk SNGL LicSAPk OLP C Ent 10 $662 Servers
9TA-00382 HPCPk SNGL LicSAPk OLP C forWrksttn 2 $171 Servers
9TA-00705 HPCPk SNGL SA OLP C Ent 5 $221 Servers
9TA-00385 HPCPk SNGL SA OLP C forWrksttn 1 $57 Servers
S27-03532 InfoPath 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $173 Apps
S27-00022 InfoPath SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $273 Apps
S27-00028 InfoPath Sngl SA OLP C 1 $101 Apps
6YH-00450 Lync 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $31 Apps
6YH-00539 Lync SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $48 Apps
6YH-00447 Lync Sngl SA OLP C 1 $18 Apps
7AH-00361 LyncSVrEnCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $106 Servers
7AH-00364 LyncSVrEnCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $106 Servers
7AH-00349 LyncSVrEnCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $158 Servers
7AH-00352 LyncSVrEnCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $158 Servers
7AH-00355 LyncSVrEnCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $53 Servers
7AH-00358 LyncSVrEnCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $53 Servers
6PH-00191 LyncSvrEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $3,970 Servers
6PH-00185 LyncSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $5,955 Servers
6PH-00188 LyncSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,985 Servers
6VH-00180 LyncSvrExtConnEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,981 Servers
6VH-00174 LyncSvrExtConnEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,971 Servers
6VH-00177 LyncSvrExtConnEnt SNGL SA OLP C 25 $991 Servers
6WH-00160 LyncSvrExtConnPlus 2010 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,981 Servers
6WH-00154 LyncSvrExtConnPlus SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,971 Servers
6WH-00157 LyncSvrExtConnPlus SNGL SA OLP C 25 $991 Servers
6UH-00160 LyncSvrExtConnStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,981 Servers
6UH-00154 LyncSvrExtConnStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $2,971 Servers
6UH-00157 LyncSvrExtConnStd SNGL SA OLP C 25 $991 Servers
YEG-00307 LyncSvrPlusCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $106 Servers
YEG-00310 LyncSvrPlusCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $106 Servers
YEG-00285 LyncSvrPlusCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $158 Servers
YEG-00288 LyncSvrPlusCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $158 Servers
YEG-00301 LyncSvrPlusCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $53 Servers
YEG-00304 LyncSvrPlusCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $53 Servers
6NH-00156 LyncSvrStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 10 $694 Servers
6NH-00140 LyncSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,041 Servers
6NH-00153 LyncSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 10 $347 Servers
6ZH-00297 LyncSvrStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $31 Servers
6ZH-00300 LyncSvrStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $31 Servers
6ZH-00275 LyncSvrStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $46 Servers
6ZH-00278 LyncSvrStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $46 Servers
6ZH-00291 LyncSvrStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $16 Servers
6ZH-00294 LyncSvrStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $16 Servers
B21-01311 MapPoint 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $232 Apps
B21-00314 MapPoint Win32 SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $366 Apps
B21-00352 MapPoint Win32 SNGL SA OLP C 1 $135 Apps
ZS3-00447 MapPointFleet 2010 SNGL OLP C 4 $1,138 Apps
ZS3-00097 MapPointFleet Win32 SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 8 $1,798 Apps
ZS3-00053 MapPointFleet Win32 SNGL SA OLP C 4 $660 Apps
G71-04063 MSDNOS ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $919 Apps
G71-03019 MSDNOS ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 4 $1,063 Apps
G71-03018 MSDNOS ALNG SA OLP C 2 $671 Apps
4BA-00103 MSMath 3.0 SNGL OLP C 1 $14 Apps
4BA-00129 MSMath SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $22 Apps
4BA-00109 MSMath SNGL SA OLP C 1 $8 Apps
YYB-00531 OfficeGrooveSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $4,828 Servers
YYB-00174 OfficeGrooveSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $7,241 Servers
YYB-00268 OfficeGrooveSvr SNGL SA OLP C 50 $2,414 Servers
3YF-00094 OfficeMacStd 2011 SNGL OLP C 2 $365 Apps
3YF-00088 OfficeMacStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $577 Apps
3YF-00091 OfficeMacStd SNGL SA OLP C 2 $212 Apps
BRE-00127 OfficeMobile 6.1 SNGL OLP C 1 $8 Apps
79H-00344 OfficeMultiLangPk 2010 OLP C 1 $93 Apps
79H-00070 OfficeMultiLangPk LicSAPk OLP C 2 $146 Apps
79H-00073 OfficeMultiLangPk SA OLP C 1 $54 Apps
79P-03547 OfficeProPlus 2010 SNGL OLP C 2 $498 Apps
269-05499 OfficeProPlus SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $787 Apps
79P-02693 OfficeProPlus SNGL OLP C Rental 1 $83 Apps
269-05780 OfficeProPlus SNGL SA OLP C 2 $289 Apps
021-09705 OfficeStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 2 $365 Apps
021-05426 OfficeStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $577 Apps
021-09261 OfficeStd SNGL OLP C Rental 1 $64 Apps
021-05641 OfficeStd SNGL SA OLP C 2 $212 Apps
S26-04643 OneNote 2010 Sngl OLP C 1 $69 Apps
S26-00098 OneNote SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $109 Apps
S26-00085 OneNote Sngl SA OLP C 1 $40 Apps
543-05487 Outlk 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $78 Apps
543-01420 Outlk SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $122 Apps
543-01496 Outlk SNGL SA OLP C 1 $45 Apps
36F-00195 OutlkMac 2011 SNGL OLP C 1 $78 Apps
36F-00189 OutlkMac SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $122 Apps
36F-00192 OutlkMac SNGL SA OLP C 1 $45 Apps
NFA-00956 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $140 Apps
NFA-00184 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $220 Apps
NFA-00171 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr SNGL SA OLP C 1 $81 Apps
164-06721 Pblshr 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $128 Apps
164-02328 Pblshr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $203 Apps
164-02511 Pblshr SNGL SA OLP C 1 $75 Apps
076-04665 Prjct 2010 SNGL OLP C 2 $526 Apps
076-01787 Prjct SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $831 Apps
076-01941 Prjct SNGL SA OLP C 2 $305 Apps
H30-03129 PrjctPro 2010 SNGL OLP C w1PrjctSvrCAL 4 $877 Apps
H30-00141 PrjctPro SNGL LicSAPk OLP C w1PrjctSvrCAL 8 $1,385 Apps
H30-00090 PrjctPro SNGL SA OLP C w1PrjctSvrCAL 4 $509 Apps
H22-02262 PrjctSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $4,828 Servers
H22-00270 PrjctSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $7,241 Servers
H22-00177 PrjctSvr SNGL SA OLP C 50 $2,414 Servers
H21-03038 PrjctSvrCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $158 Servers
H21-03041 PrjctSvrCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $158 Servers
H21-00233 PrjctSvrCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $237 Servers
H21-00528 PrjctSvrCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $237 Servers
H21-00165 PrjctSvrCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $79 Servers
H21-00540 PrjctSvrCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $79 Servers
079-05563 PwrPoint 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $180 Apps
079-01649 PwrPoint SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $284 Apps
079-01727 PwrPoint SNGL SA OLP C 1 $105 Apps
D47-00689 PwrPointMac 2011 SNGL OLP C 1 $180 Apps
D47-00164 PwrPointMac SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $284 Apps
D47-00190 PwrPointMac SNGL SA OLP C 1 $105 Apps
76N-03430 SharePointEntCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $82 Servers
76N-03433 SharePointEntCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $82 Servers
76N-00713 SharePointEntCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $122 Servers
76N-00013 SharePointEntCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $122 Servers
76N-00877 SharePointEntCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $41 Servers
76N-00953 SharePointEntCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $41 Servers
CKF-00252 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 200 $40,564 Servers
CKF-00246 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 400 $60,845 Servers
CKF-00249 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt SNGL SA OLP C 200 $20,282 Servers
CLF-00252 SharePointIntrntSitesStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 125 $11,557 Servers
CLF-00246 SharePointIntrntSitesStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 250 $17,336 Servers
CLF-00249 SharePointIntrntSitesStd SNGL SA OLP C 125 $5,779 Servers
76M-01344 SharePointStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $93 Servers
76M-01347 SharePointStdCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $93 Servers
H05-00192 SharePointStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $139 Servers
H05-00377 SharePointStdCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $139 Servers
H05-00235 SharePointStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $47 Servers
H05-00382 SharePointStdCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $47 Servers
76P-01197 SharePointSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $4,828 Servers
H04-00249 SharePointSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $7,241 Servers
H04-00312 SharePointSvr SNGL SA OLP C 50 $2,414 Servers
ZUD-00592 SharePointWrkspace 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $127 Apps
ZUD-00586 SharePointWrkspace SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $200 Apps
ZUD-00589 SharePointWrkspace SNGL SA OLP C 1 $74 Apps
359-05351 SQLCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $161 Servers
359-05354 SQLCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $161 Servers
359-00751 SQLCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $241 Servers
359-00998 SQLCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $241 Servers
359-00820 SQLCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $81 Servers
359-01020 SQLCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $81 Servers
USD-00445 SQLSvrDatactr 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 200 $53,890 Servers
USD-00429 SQLSvrDatactr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 400 $80,835 Servers
USD-00442 SQLSvrDatactr SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 200 $26,945 Servers
E32-00859 SQLSvrDev 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1 $36 Servers
810-08553 SQLSvrEnt 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 75 $8,420 Servers
810-08527 SQLSvrEnt 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 200 $26,945 Servers
810-05031 SQLSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 150 $12,629 Servers
810-04375 SQLSvrEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 400 $40,418 Servers
810-04964 SQLSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 75 $4,210 Servers
810-04319 SQLSvrEnt SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 200 $13,473 Servers
C9C-00533 SQLSvrforSB 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 10 $762 Servers
C9C-00252 SQLSvrforSB SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,143 Servers
C9C-00255 SQLSvrforSB SNGL SA OLP C 10 $381 Servers
DAC-00961 SQLSvrforSBCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $130 Servers
DAC-00964 SQLSvrforSBCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $130 Servers
DAC-00510 SQLSvrforSBCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $195 Servers
DAC-00513 SQLSvrforSBCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $195 Servers
DAC-00516 SQLSvrforSBCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $65 Servers
DAC-00519 SQLSvrforSBCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $65 Servers
228-09419 SQLSvrStd 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 15 $880 Servers
228-09468 SQLSvrStd 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 75 $7,028 Servers
228-04615 SQLSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 30 $1,319 Servers
228-05091 SQLSvrStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 150 $10,541 Servers
228-04547 SQLSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 15 $440 Servers
228-05030 SQLSvrStd SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 75 $3,514 Servers
TFA-00443 SQLSvrWeb 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 50 $3,430 Servers
TFA-00310 SQLSvrWeb SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 100 $5,145 Servers
TFA-00313 SQLSvrWeb SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 50 $1,716 Servers
A5K-03070 SQLSvrWkgrp 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 1Proc 50 $3,668 Servers
A5K-03004 SQLSvrWkgrp 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 5Clt 10 $715 Servers
A5K-01283 SQLSvrWkgrp SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 1Proc 100 $5,501 Servers
A5K-01614 SQLSvrWkgrp SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 5Clt 20 $1,072 Servers
A5K-01212 SQLSvrWkgrp SNGL SA OLP C 1Proc 50 $1,834 Servers
A5K-01543 SQLSvrWkgrp SNGL SA OLP C 5Clt 10 $358 Servers
A5M-01982 SQLWkgrpCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $145 Servers
A5M-01985 SQLWkgrpCAL 2008R2 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $145 Servers
A5M-01232 SQLWkgrpCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $217 Servers
A5M-01002 SQLWkgrpCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $217 Servers
A5M-01155 SQLWkgrpCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $73 Servers
A5M-00925 SQLWkgrpCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $73 Servers
P6R-00646 SrchSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 125 $15,642 Servers
P6R-00306 SrchSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 250 $23,462 Servers
P6R-00309 SrchSvr SNGL SA OLP C 125 $7,821 Servers
519-00166 SrvcsforNetWare 5.0 SNGL OLP C 5 $113 Servers
B17-00505 StsandTrips 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $31 Apps
B17-00132 StsandTrips Win32 SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $48 Apps
B17-00145 StsandTrips Win32 SNGL SA OLP C 1 $18 Apps
MFF-00434 SysCtrCltMgmtSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $67 Servers
MFF-00447 SysCtrCltMgmtSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $67 Servers
MFF-00450 SysCtrCltMgmtSte SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $23 Servers
MFF-00453 SysCtrCltMgmtSte SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $23 Servers
J5A-01138 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML 2007R3 SNGL OLP C PerOSE 1 $41 Servers
J5A-01141 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML 2007R3 SNGL OLP C PerUsr 1 $41 Servers
J5A-00083 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $61 Servers
J5A-00292 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $61 Servers
J5A-00078 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $21 Servers
J5A-00287 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $21 Servers
J3A-00667 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr 2007R3 SNGL OLP C 5 $568 Servers
J3A-00062 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $852 Servers
J3A-00057 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr SNGL SA OLP C 5 $284 Servers
J7A-00631 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt 2007R3 SNGL OLP C 5 $422 Servers
J7A-00041 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $633 Servers
J7A-00036 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt SNGL SA OLP C 5 $211 Servers
J6A-00455 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd 2007R3 SNGL OLP C 1 $154 Servers
J6A-00190 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $230 Servers
J6A-00197 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd SNGL SA OLP C 1 $77 Servers
J4A-00517 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL 2007R3 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,295 Servers
J4A-00055 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $1,942 Servers
J4A-00050 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL SNGL SA OLP C 25 $648 Servers
TSC-01160 SysCtrDPMCltML 2010 SNGL OLP C PerOSE 1 $24 Servers
TSC-01163 SysCtrDPMCltML 2010 SNGL OLP C PerUsr 1 $24 Servers
TSC-00558 SysCtrDPMCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $36 Servers
TSC-00910 SysCtrDPMCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $36 Servers
TSC-00564 SysCtrDPMCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $12 Servers
TSC-00913 SysCtrDPMCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $12 Servers
CGA-00737 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt 2010 SNGL OLP C 5 $423 Servers
CGA-00098 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $635 Servers
CGA-00087 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt SNGL SA OLP C 5 $212 Servers
CVA-00584 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $154 Servers
CVA-00071 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $231 Servers
CVA-00072 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $77 Servers
UCH-02112 SysCtrEssntls 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $98 Servers
UCH-02141 SysCtrEssntls SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $146 Servers
UCH-02144 SysCtrEssntls SNGL SA OLP C 1 $49 Servers
4PX-01599 SysCtrEssntlsCltML 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $16 Servers
4PX-01593 SysCtrEssntlsCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $24 Servers
4PX-01596 SysCtrEssntlsCltML SNGL SA OLP C 1 $8 Servers
T9F-00269 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $30 Servers
T9F-00263 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $45 Servers
T9F-00266 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte SNGL SA OLP C 1 $15 Servers
T7F-00299 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte 2010 SNGL OLP C 5 $390 Servers
T7F-00293 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $585 Servers
T7F-00296 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte SNGL SA OLP C 5 $195 Servers
DJA-01322 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $98 Servers
DJA-00562 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $146 Servers
DJA-00550 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML SNGL SA OLP C 1 $49 Servers
EEC-00518 SysCtrEssntlswSQL 2010 SNGL OLP C 10 $822 Servers
EEC-00680 SysCtrEssntlswSQL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,234 Servers
EEC-00683 SysCtrEssntlswSQL SNGL SA OLP C 10 $412 Servers
WRA-00306 SysCtrMDMCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $57 Servers
WRA-00309 SysCtrMDMCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $57 Servers
WRA-00294 SysCtrMDMCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $85 Servers
WRA-00297 SysCtrMDMCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $85 Servers
WRA-00300 SysCtrMDMCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $29 Servers
WRA-00303 SysCtrMDMCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $29 Servers
WQA-00496 SysCtrMDMSvr 2008 SNGL OLP C 25 $2,130 Servers
WQA-00482 SysCtrMDMSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $3,195 Servers
WQA-00489 SysCtrMDMSvr SNGL SA OLP C 25 $1,065 Servers
WQA-00269 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL 2008 SNGL OLP C 50 $3,012 Servers
WQA-00255 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $4,518 Servers
WQA-00262 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,506 Servers
MUY-00306 SysCtrMgmtSteEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 30 $1,538 Servers
MUY-00312 SysCtrMgmtSteEnt SNGL SA OLP C 15 $513 Servers
9TX-01224 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML 2007R2 SNGL OLP C PerOSE 1 $24 Servers
9TX-01227 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML 2007R2 SNGL OLP C PerUsr 1 $24 Servers
9TX-00509 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $36 Servers
9TX-00240 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $36 Servers
9TX-00514 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $12 Servers
9TX-00270 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $12 Servers
UAR-01290 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr 2007R2 SNGL OLP C 5 $570 Servers
UAR-00675 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $854 Servers
UAR-00647 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr SNGL SA OLP C 5 $285 Servers
UAS-00863 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt 2007R2 SNGL OLP C 5 $424 Servers
UAS-00306 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $635 Servers
UAS-00303 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt SNGL SA OLP C 5 $212 Servers
UAT-00568 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd 2007R2 SNGL OLP C 1 $155 Servers
UAT-00163 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $232 Servers
UAT-00160 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd SNGL SA OLP C 1 $78 Servers
EFC-00507 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL 2007R2 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,298 Servers
EFC-00253 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $1,947 Servers
EFC-00256 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL SNGL SA OLP C 25 $649 Servers
3ND-00401 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML 2010 SNGL OLP C PerOSE 1 $44 Servers
3ND-00446 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML 2010 SNGL OLP C PerUsr 1 $44 Servers
3ND-00355 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $66 Servers
3ND-00373 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $66 Servers
3ND-00379 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $22 Servers
3ND-00394 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $22 Servers
Q7F-00165 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 5 $570 Servers
Q7F-00096 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $854 Servers
Q7F-00099 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr SNGL SA OLP C 5 $285 Servers
MVF-00499 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $246 Servers
MVF-00493 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $368 Servers
MVF-00496 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML SNGL SA OLP C 1 $123 Servers
Q9F-00129 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL 2010 SNGL OLP C 25 $1,298 Servers
Q9F-00094 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 50 $1,947 Servers
Q9F-00097 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL SNGL SA OLP C 25 $649 Servers
MCD-00480 SysCtrSvrMgmtSteDataCtr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,284 Servers
MCD-00483 SysCtrSvrMgmtSteDataCtr SNGL SA OLP C 10 $429 Servers
26C-00532 SysCtrVMMCltML 2008R2 SNGL OLP C PerOSE 1 $26 Servers
26C-00535 SysCtrVMMCltML 2008R2 SNGL OLP C PerUsr 1 $26 Servers
26C-00352 SysCtrVMMCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerOSE 2 $39 Servers
26C-00355 SysCtrVMMCltML SNGL LicSAPk OLP C PerUsr 2 $39 Servers
26C-00358 SysCtrVMMCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerOSE 1 $13 Servers
26C-00361 SysCtrVMMCltML SNGL SA OLP C PerUsr 1 $13 Servers
CJA-00807 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 10 $852 Servers
CJA-00463 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 20 $1,279 Servers
CJA-00466 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt SNGL SA OLP C 10 $427 Servers
SNA-00569 SysCtrVMMWkgrp 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 5 $495 Servers
SNA-00061 SysCtrVMMWkgrp SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $742 Servers
SNA-00056 SysCtrVMMWkgrp SNGL SA OLP C 5 $248 Servers
JT9-00009 TechNetPlusDirect ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 2 $565 Apps
JT9-00016 TechNetPlusDirect ALNG SA OLP C 1 $473 Apps
Q99-00004 TechnetPlusSingleUsr Win32 ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 2 $1,026 Servers
Q99-00012 TechnetPlusSingleUsr Win32 ALNG SA OLP C 1 $879 Servers
340-01241 VFoxProPro 9.0 Win32 SNGL OLP C 2 $333 Apps
TSD-00920 VisioPrem 2010 SNGL OLP C 3 $794 Apps
TSD-00914 VisioPrem SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 6 $1,254 Apps
TSD-00917 VisioPrem SNGL SA OLP C 3 $460 Apps
D87-04939 VisioPro 2010 SNGL OLP C 2 $450 Apps
D87-01097 VisioPro SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 4 $711 Apps
D87-01209 VisioPro SNGL SA OLP C 2 $261 Apps
D86-04481 VisioStd 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $204 Apps
D86-01214 VisioStd SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $322 Apps
D86-01323 VisioStd SNGL SA OLP C 1 $119 Apps
324-00537 VisualSourceSafe 2005 SNGL OLP C 1 $399 Apps
7XD-00080 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK 2010 SNGL OLP C 50 $3,565 Servers
7XD-00074 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 100 $5,347 Servers
7XD-00077 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK SNGL SA OLP C 50 $1,783 Servers
N5F-00053 VSPrem 2010 SNGL OLP C 14 $3,957 Apps
9ED-00192 VSPremwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $1,493 Apps
9ED-00128 VSPremwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 28 $6,252 Apps
9ED-00131 VSPremwMSDN ALNG SA OLP C 14 $2,295 Apps
C5E-00722 VSPro 2010 SNGL OLP C 2 $525 Apps
77D-00140 VSProwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $1,110 Apps
77D-00090 VSProwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 2 $1,111 Apps
77D-00093 VSProwMSDN ALNG SA OLP C 1 $917 Apps
6KD-00111 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $1,110 Apps
6KD-00087 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 2 $1,111 Apps
6KD-00090 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG SA OLP C 1 $917 Apps
KKF-00396 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr 2010 SNGL OLP C 1 $233 Apps
KKF-00390 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 2 $368 Apps
KKF-00393 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr SNGL SA OLP C 1 $135 Apps
125-00937 VSTeamFndtnSvr 2010 SNGL OLP C 5 $380 Servers
125-00200 VSTeamFndtnSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $570 Servers
125-00228 VSTeamFndtnSvr SNGL SA OLP C 5 $190 Servers
126-01487 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 5 $380 Servers
126-01490 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL 2010 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 5 $380 Servers
126-00333 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 10 $570 Servers
126-00343 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 10 $570 Servers
126-00389 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 5 $190 Servers
126-00399 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 5 $190 Servers
66B-00676 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn 2010 SNGL OLP C 75 $9,539 Servers
66B-00165 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 150 $14,308 Servers
66B-00189 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 75 $4,770 Servers
N3F-00056 VSTstPro 2010 SNGL OLP C 6 $1,595 Apps
L5D-00216 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $1,110 Apps
L5D-00141 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 12 $2,520 Apps
L5D-00144 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG SA OLP C 6 $925 Apps
N4F-00053 VSUlt 2010 SNGL OLP C 30 $8,631 Apps
9JD-00206 VSUltwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP C 0 $1,493 Apps
9JD-00106 VSUltwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP C 60 $13,636 Apps
9JD-00109 VSUltwMSDN ALNG SA OLP C 30 $5,006 Apps
6YA-01209 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 25 $1,588 Servers
6YA-01212 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 25 $1,588 Servers
6YA-01245 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 50Lic C DvcCAL 50 $3,969 Servers
6YA-01248 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 50Lic C UsrCAL 50 $3,969 Servers
6YA-01227 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 5 $397 Servers
6YA-01230 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 5 $397 Servers
6YA-02112 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $80 Servers
6YA-02115 WinEBSCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $80 Servers
7AA-01209 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 50 $3,822 Servers
7AA-01212 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 50 $3,822 Servers
7AA-01245 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 50Lic C DvcCAL 75 $9,555 Servers
7AA-01248 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 50Lic C UsrCAL 75 $9,555 Servers
7AA-01227 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 15 $956 Servers
7AA-01230 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 15 $956 Servers
7AA-02475 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $192 Servers
7AA-02478 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $192 Servers
9WA-00486 WinHPCSvr 2008R2 SNGL OLP C Ste 1 $907 Servers
9WA-00480 WinHPCSvr SNGL LicSAPk OLP C Ste 2 $1,360 Servers
9WA-00483 WinHPCSvr SNGL SA OLP C Ste 1 $454 Servers
AAB-00348 WinHPCSvrOS 2008R2 SNGL OLP C 5 $466 Servers
AAB-00164 WinHPCSvrOS SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 10 $699 Servers
AAB-00167 WinHPCSvrOS SNGL SA OLP C 5 $233 Servers
FQC-03884 WinPro 7 SNGL OLP C Rental 2 $32 Systems
FQC-02369 WinPro 7 SNGL Upgrd OLP C 2 $184 Systems
FQC-02366 WinPro SNGL SA OLP C 2 $107 Systems
FQC-02372 WinPro SNGL UpgrdSAPk OLP C 4 $290 Systems
FQC-04304 WinPro SNGL UpgrdSAPk OLP C WinPromo 4 $232 Systems
T98-02221 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $36 Servers
T98-02390 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $36 Servers
T98-00416 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $54 Servers
T98-00418 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $54 Servers
T98-00417 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $18 Servers
T98-00419 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $18 Servers
T99-00836 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn 2008 SNGL OLP C 125 $17,861 Servers
T99-00097 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn WinNT SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 250 $26,791 Servers
T99-00098 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn WinNT SNGL SA OLP C 125 $8,931 Servers
6VC-01159 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $83 Servers
6VC-01162 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL 2008 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $83 Servers
6VC-01147 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $124 Servers
6VC-01150 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $124 Servers
6VC-01153 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $42 Servers
6VC-01156 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $42 Servers
6XC-00252 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn 2008 SNGL OLP C 75 $8,314 Servers
6XC-00246 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 150 $12,471 Servers
6XC-00249 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn SNGL SA OLP C 75 $4,157 Servers
6UA-03753 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 25 $1,233 Servers
6UA-03756 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 25 $1,233 Servers
6UA-03668 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 5 $309 Servers
6UA-03671 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 5 $309 Servers
6UA-03858 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $62 Servers
6UA-03861 WinSBCALSte 2011 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $62 Servers
6UA-01275 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 50 $1,849 Servers
6UA-01278 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 50 $1,849 Servers
6UA-02171 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 10 $462 Servers
6UA-02174 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 10 $462 Servers
6UA-02656 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $93 Servers
6UA-02659 WinSBCALSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $93 Servers
6UA-01281 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 25 $617 Servers
6UA-01284 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 25 $617 Servers
6UA-02177 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 5 $154 Servers
6UA-02180 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 5 $154 Servers
6UA-02662 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP C DvcCAL 1 $31 Servers
6UA-02665 WinSBCALSte SNGL SA OLP C UsrCAL 1 $31 Servers
2XG-00436 WinSBSPremAddOn 2011 SNGL OLP C 5Clt 25 $1,365 Servers
2XG-00420 WinSBSPremAddOn SNGL LicSAPk OLP C 5Clt 50 $2,047 Servers
2XG-00423 WinSBSPremAddOn SNGL SA OLP C 5Clt 25 $683 Servers
2YG-01986 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 25 $1,560 Servers
2YG-01999 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 25 $1,560 Servers
2YG-01474 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 5 $390 Servers
2YG-01477 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 5 $390 Servers
2YG-00858 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP C DvcCAL 1 $78 Servers
2YG-00861 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 SNGL OLP C UsrCAL 1 $78 Servers
2YG-01964 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 50 $2,339 Servers
2YG-01967 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 20Lic C UsrCAL 50 $2,339 Servers
2YG-01452 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 5Lic C DvcCAL 10 $585 Servers
2YG-01455 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP 5Lic C UsrCAL 10 $585 Servers
2YG-00938 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C DvcCAL 2 $117 Servers
2YG-00941 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL LicSAPk OLP C UsrCAL 2 $117 Servers
2YG-01980 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte SNGL SA OLP 20Lic C DvcCAL 25 $780 Servers
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