Government Open License

Microsoft Government Open License Price ListMicrosoft Open License

Prices listed below are MSRP.  Contact us today for reduced pricing and additional discounts.  Local, State, and Federal agencies qualify for this program.

Part # Description List Price
077-06146 Access 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $150
077-02491 Access ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $237
077-02645 Access ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $87
689-01087 AutoRouteEuro 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $25
689-00723 AutoRouteEuro ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $39
689-00710 AutoRouteEuro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $15
XRA-00197 BztlkAdptrPk 2.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,740
XRA-00033 BztlkAdptrPk ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $7,110
XRA-00032 BztlkAdptrPk ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,370
HJA-00561 BztlkSvrBrnch 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,015
HJA-00221 BztlkSvrBrnch ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $3,023
HJA-00216 BztlkSvrBrnch ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,008
F52-01911 BztlkSvrEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $35,251
F52-00352 BztlkSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $52,876
F52-00429 BztlkSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $17,626
DHD-00243 BzTlkSvrEntRFID 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,010
DHD-00188 BzTlkSvrEntRFID ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $6,015
DHD-00189 BzTlkSvrEntRFID ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,005
D75-01715 BztlkSvrStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $8,081
D75-00222 BztlkSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $12,121
D75-00266 BztlkSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,041
35F-00174 CmmnctrMac 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov $25
35F-00172 CmmnctrMac ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $39
35F-00173 CmmnctrMac ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $15
G20-00619 CmmrcSvrEnt 2009 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $16,114
G20-00063 CmmrcSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $24,171
G20-00071 CmmrcSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $8,057
532-01373 CmmrcSvrStd 2009 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $5,639
532-00614 CmmrcSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $8,459
532-00701 CmmrcSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,820
W06-00013 CoreCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $221
W06-00408 CoreCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $221
W06-00015 CoreCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $74
W06-00406 CoreCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $73
2TH-00231 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL 1.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $57
2TH-00229 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $85
2TH-00230 DuetEntSharePointSAPCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $29
R6H-00212 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR 1.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $57
R6H-00200 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $85
R6H-00201 DuetEntSharePointSAPSVR ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $29
JS6-01162 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL 1.5 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $91
JS6-00141 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $136
JS6-00145 DuetforOffice&SAPCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $46
JS5-00621 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr 1.5 ENG OLP NL LclGov $91
JS5-00078 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $136
JS5-00080 DuetforOfficeSAPSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $46
QYA-00251 DynCRMAddtvCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $590
QYA-00250 DynCRMAddtvCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $590
QYA-00249 DynCRMAddtvCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $197
QYA-00248 DynCRMAddtvCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $197
QHA-00131 DynCRMAddtvExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,527
QHA-00130 DynCRMAddtvExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $843
ZFA-00204 DynCRMCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $841
ZFA-00203 DynCRMCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $841
ZFA-00202 DynCRMCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $281
ZFA-00201 DynCRMCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $281
QJA-00986 DynCRMEntSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $4,211
QJA-00985 DynCRMEntSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,404
ZGA-00102 DynCRMExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $4,211
ZGA-00101 DynCRMExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,404
QZA-00045 DynCRMLtdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $252
QZA-00442 DynCRMLtdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $252
QZA-00048 DynCRMLtdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $84
QZA-00440 DynCRMLtdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $84
Q5A-00131 DynCRMLtdExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,684
Q5A-00130 DynCRMLtdExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $562
QCA-01258 DynCRMProSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $5,888
QCA-00876 DynCRMProSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,684
QCA-01259 DynCRMProSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $1,963
QCA-00875 DynCRMProSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $562
QAA-00192 DynCRMWkgrpSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,105
QAA-00191 DynCRMWkgrpSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $702
065-07326 Excel 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $147
065-03435 Excel ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $232
065-03586 Excel ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $85
D46-00917 ExcelMac 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov $147
D46-00221 ExcelMac ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $232
D46-00268 ExcelMac ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $85
PGI-00519 ExchgEntCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL woSrvcs $34
PGI-00520 ExchgEntCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL woSrvcs $34
PGI-00515 ExchgEntCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL woSrvcs $50
PGI-00516 ExchgEntCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL woSrvcs $50
PGI-00517 ExchgEntCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL woSrvcs $17
PGI-00518 ExchgEntCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL woSrvcs $17
3ED-00278 ExchgSB 2007 ENG OLP NL LclGov $480
3ED-00276 ExchgSB ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $720
3ED-00277 ExchgSB ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $240
5ZD-00481 ExchgSBCAL 2007 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $49
5ZD-00482 ExchgSBCAL 2007 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $49
5ZD-00477 ExchgSBCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $73
5ZD-00478 ExchgSBCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $73
5ZD-00479 ExchgSBCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $25
5ZD-00480 ExchgSBCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $25
381-04208 ExchgStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $54
381-04209 ExchgStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $54
381-03102 ExchgStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $81
381-03103 ExchgStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $81
381-03104 ExchgStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $27
381-03105 ExchgStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $27
395-04377 ExchgSvrEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $3,229
395-02391 ExchgSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $4,843
395-02520 ExchgSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,615
394-01296 ExchgSvrExtConn 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $40,287
394-00441 ExchgSvrExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $60,430
394-00443 ExchgSvrExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $20,144
312-04062 ExchgSvrStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $565
312-02138 ExchgSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $847
312-02269 ExchgSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $283
47F-00219 ExprssnEncdrPro 4.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $38
47F-00217 ExprssnEncdrPro ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $60
47F-00218 ExprssnEncdrPro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $22
NKF-00264 ExprssnStdioUlt 4.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $378
NKF-00262 ExprssnStdioUlt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $597
NKF-00488 ExprssnStdioUlt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Promo $299
NKF-00263 ExprssnStdioUlt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $220
NHF-00291 ExprssnStdioWebPro 4.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $94
NHF-00289 ExprssnStdioWebPro ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $149
NHF-00290 ExprssnStdioWebPro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $55
AEF-00101 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $17,625
AEF-00099 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $26,437
AEF-00100 FASTSrchSvrSharePoint ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $8,813
7VC-00159 FrfrntIdnttyMgr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $11,829
7VC-00110 FrfrntIdnttyMgr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $17,743
7VC-00111 FrfrntIdnttyMgr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $5,915
7WC-00135 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $15
7WC-00104 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $22
7WC-00105 FrfrntIdnttyMgrCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $7
9GC-00134 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $14,589
9GC-00104 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $21,883
9GC-00105 FrfrntIdnttyMgrExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $7,295
4VD-00349 FrFrntTMGEnt 2010 ENG OLP 25Lic NL LclGov 1Proc $59,143
4VD-00256 FrFrntTMGEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,593
4VD-00347 FrFrntTMGEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP 25Lic NL LclGov 1Proc $88,714
4VD-00254 FrFrntTMGEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $6,889
4VD-00348 FrFrntTMGEnt ENG SA OLP 25Lic NL LclGov 1Proc $29,572
4VD-00255 FrFrntTMGEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,297
HWC-00073 FrFrntTMGMidBsnss ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,033
4WD-00280 FrFrntTMGStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,045
4WD-00278 FrFrntTMGStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,567
4WD-00279 FrFrntTMGStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $523
37D-00149 FrFrntUAGCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $12
37D-00150 FrFrntUAGCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $12
37D-00145 FrFrntUAGCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $18
37D-00146 FrFrntUAGCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $18
37D-00147 FrFrntUAGCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $6
37D-00148 FrFrntUAGCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $6
39D-00076 FrFrntUAGExtConn 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $26,975
39D-00074 FrFrntUAGExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $40,462
39D-00075 FrFrntUAGExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $13,488
35D-00082 FrFrntUAGSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $5,158
35D-00080 FrFrntUAGSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $7,736
35D-00081 FrFrntUAGSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $2,579
9TA-00692 HPCPk 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov Ent $359
9TA-00472 HPCPk 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov forWrksttn $93
9TA-00690 HPCPk ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Ent $538
9TA-00470 HPCPk ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov forWrksttn $139
9TA-00691 HPCPk ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Ent $180
9TA-00471 HPCPk ENG SA OLP NL LclGov forWrksttn $47
S27-03556 InfoPath 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $141
S27-00033 InfoPath ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $222
S27-00038 InfoPath ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $82
6YH-00571 Lync 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $25
6YH-00569 Lync ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $39
6YH-00570 Lync ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $15
7AH-00429 LyncSVrEnCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $86
7AH-00430 LyncSVrEnCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $86
7AH-00425 LyncSVrEnCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $129
7AH-00426 LyncSVrEnCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $129
7AH-00427 LyncSVrEnCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $43
7AH-00428 LyncSVrEnCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $43
6PH-00230 LyncSvrEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $3,229
6PH-00228 LyncSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $4,843
6PH-00229 LyncSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,615
6VH-00214 LyncSvrExtConnEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,611
6VH-00212 LyncSvrExtConnEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,417
6VH-00213 LyncSvrExtConnEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $806
6WH-00199 LyncSvrExtConnPlus 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,611
6WH-00197 LyncSvrExtConnPlus ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,417
6WH-00198 LyncSvrExtConnPlus ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $806
6UH-00199 LyncSvrExtConnStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,611
6UH-00197 LyncSvrExtConnStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,417
6UH-00198 LyncSvrExtConnStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $806
YEG-00380 LyncSvrPlusCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $86
YEG-00391 LyncSvrPlusCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $86
YEG-00376 LyncSvrPlusCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $129
YEG-00377 LyncSvrPlusCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $129
YEG-00378 LyncSvrPlusCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $43
YEG-00379 LyncSvrPlusCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $43
6NH-00230 LyncSvrStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $565
6NH-00228 LyncSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $847
6NH-00229 LyncSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $283
6ZH-00380 LyncSvrStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $25
6ZH-00386 LyncSvrStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $25
6ZH-00376 LyncSvrStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $38
6ZH-00377 LyncSvrStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $38
6ZH-00378 LyncSvrStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $13
6ZH-00379 LyncSvrStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $13
B21-01320 MapPoint 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $189
B21-00304 MapPoint Win32 ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $298
B21-00342 MapPoint Win32 ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $110
ZS3-00456 MapPointFleet 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $926
ZS3-00132 MapPointFleet Win32 ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,462
ZS3-00087 MapPointFleet Win32 ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $537
G71-04062 MSDNOS ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $759
G71-03025 MSDNOS Win32 ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $739
G71-03024 MSDNOS Win32 ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $467
4BA-00199 MSMath 3.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $12
4BA-00191 MSMath ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $18
4BA-00201 MSMath ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $7
YYB-00547 OfficeGrooveSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $3,927
YYB-00168 OfficeGrooveSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $5,890
YYB-00171 OfficeGrooveSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,964
3YF-00290 OfficeMacStd 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov $297
3YF-00288 OfficeMacStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $469
3YF-00289 OfficeMacStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $173
BRE-00147 OfficeMobile 6.1 ENG OLP NL LclGov $7
79H-00353 OfficeMultiLangPk 2010 OLP NL LclGov $76
79H-00068 OfficeMultiLangPk LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $119
79H-00069 OfficeMultiLangPk SA OLP NL LclGov $44
79P-03571 OfficeProPlus 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $405
269-05583 OfficeProPlus ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $640
79P-02706 OfficeProPlus ENG OLP NL LclGov Rental $66
269-05828 OfficeProPlus ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $235
021-09729 OfficeStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $297
021-05427 OfficeStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $469
021-09274 OfficeStd ENG OLP NL LclGov Rental $51
021-05642 OfficeStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $173
S26-04667 OneNote 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $56
S26-00108 OneNote ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $89
S26-00095 OneNote ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $33
543-05511 Outlk 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $63
543-01392 Outlk ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $100
543-01472 Outlk ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $37
36F-00238 OutlkMac 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov $63
36F-00236 OutlkMac ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $100
36F-00237 OutlkMac ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $37
NFA-00992 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $114
NFA-00207 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $179
NFA-00206 OutlkwBsnssCntctMgr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $66
164-06745 Pblshr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $104
164-02415 Pblshr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $165
164-02584 Pblshr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $61
076-04699 Prjct 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $428
076-01848 Prjct ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $676
076-02020 Prjct ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $249
H30-03163 PrjctPro 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov w1PrjctSvrCAL $713
H30-00174 PrjctPro ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov w1PrjctSvrCAL $1,126
H30-00123 PrjctPro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov w1PrjctSvrCAL $414
H22-02278 PrjctSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $3,927
H22-00347 PrjctSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $5,890
H22-00301 PrjctSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,964
H21-03070 PrjctSvrCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $128
H21-03071 PrjctSvrCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $128
H21-00303 PrjctSvrCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $192
H21-00542 PrjctSvrCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $192
H21-00348 PrjctSvrCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $64
H21-00547 PrjctSvrCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $64
079-05587 PwrPoint 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $147
079-01671 PwrPoint ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $232
079-01732 PwrPoint ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $85
D47-00703 PwrPointMac 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov $147
D47-00170 PwrPointMac ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $232
D47-00195 PwrPointMac ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $85
76N-03462 SharePointEntCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $67
76N-03463 SharePointEntCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $67
76N-00663 SharePointEntCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $100
76N-00677 SharePointEntCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $100
76N-00684 SharePointEntCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $34
76N-00698 SharePointEntCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $34
CKF-00295 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $32,991
CKF-00293 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $49,486
CKF-00294 SharePointIntrntSitesEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $16,496
CLF-00295 SharePointIntrntSitesStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $9,400
CLF-00293 SharePointIntrntSitesStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $14,099
CLF-00294 SharePointIntrntSitesStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $4,700
76M-01376 SharePointStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $76
76M-01377 SharePointStdCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $76
H05-00167 SharePointStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $113
H05-00387 SharePointStdCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $113
H05-00254 SharePointStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $38
H05-00392 SharePointStdCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $38
76P-01213 SharePointSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $3,927
H04-00223 SharePointSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $5,890
H04-00294 SharePointSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,964
ZUD-00659 SharePointWrkspace 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $103
ZUD-00657 SharePointWrkspace ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $163
ZUD-00658 SharePointWrkspace ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $60
359-05383 SQLCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $131
359-05384 SQLCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $131
359-00738 SQLCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $196
359-01004 SQLCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $196
359-00814 SQLCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $66
359-01027 SQLCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $66
USD-00413 SQLSvrDatactr 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $43,829
USD-00401 SQLSvrDatactr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $65,743
USD-00412 SQLSvrDatactr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $21,915
E32-00875 SQLSvrDev 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $30
810-08576 SQLSvrEnt 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $6,848
810-08543 SQLSvrEnt 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $21,915
810-05092 SQLSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $10,272
810-03283 SQLSvrEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $32,872
810-05025 SQLSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $3,424
810-04368 SQLSvrEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $10,958
C9C-00549 SQLSvrforSB 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $620
C9C-00323 SQLSvrforSB ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $930
C9C-00324 SQLSvrforSB ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $310
DAC-00915 SQLSvrforSBCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $106
DAC-00916 SQLSvrforSBCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $106
DAC-00700 SQLSvrforSBCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $159
DAC-00701 SQLSvrforSBCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $159
DAC-00702 SQLSvrforSBCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $53
DAC-00703 SQLSvrforSBCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $53
228-09435 SQLSvrStd 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $716
228-09484 SQLSvrStd 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $5,716
228-04676 SQLSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,073
228-03278 SQLSvrStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $8,573
228-04608 SQLSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $358
228-05084 SQLSvrStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,858
TFA-00464 SQLSvrWeb 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,790
TFA-00243 SQLSvrWeb ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,185
TFA-00244 SQLSvrWeb ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,395
A5K-03039 SQLSvrWkgrp 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $2,983
A5K-03020 SQLSvrWkgrp 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $582
A5K-01345 SQLSvrWkgrp ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $4,474
A5K-01676 SQLSvrWkgrp ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 5Clt Qlfd $872
A5K-01274 SQLSvrWkgrp ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 1Proc $1,492
A5K-01605 SQLSvrWkgrp ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 5Clt Qlfd $291
A5M-02014 SQLWkgrpCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $118
A5M-02015 SQLWkgrpCAL 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $118
A5M-01294 SQLWkgrpCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $177
A5M-01064 SQLWkgrpCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $177
A5M-01217 SQLWkgrpCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $59
A5M-00987 SQLWkgrpCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $59
P6R-00662 SrchSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $12,722
P6R-00377 SrchSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $19,082
P6R-00378 SrchSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $6,361
519-00241 SrvcsforNetWare 5.0 ENG OLP NL LclGov $92
B17-00514 StsandTrips 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $25
B17-00142 StsandTrips Win32 ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $39
B17-00155 StsandTrips Win32 ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $15
MFF-00478 SysCtrCltMgmtSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $54
MFF-00479 SysCtrCltMgmtSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $54
MFF-00480 SysCtrCltMgmtSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $18
MFF-00481 SysCtrCltMgmtSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $18
J5A-01170 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $33
J5A-01171 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $33
J5A-00163 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $50
J5A-00371 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $50
J5A-00162 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $17
J5A-00370 SysCtrCnfgMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $17
J3A-00683 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov $462
J3A-00142 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $693
J3A-00141 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $231
J7A-00647 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov $344
J7A-00121 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $515
J7A-00120 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $172
J6A-00471 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov $125
J6A-00114 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $187
J6A-00113 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrMLStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $63
J4A-00533 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL 2007R3 ENG OLP NL LclGov $1,053
J4A-00135 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,580
J4A-00134 SysCtrCnfgMgrSvrwSQL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $527
TSC-01107 SysCtrDPMCltML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $19
TSC-01108 SysCtrDPMCltML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $19
TSC-00676 SysCtrDPMCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $29
TSC-00969 SysCtrDPMCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $29
TSC-00678 SysCtrDPMCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $10
TSC-00970 SysCtrDPMCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $10
CGA-00672 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $344
CGA-00125 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $516
CGA-00115 SysCtrDPMSvrMLEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $172
CVA-00529 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $126
CVA-00110 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $188
CVA-00100 SysCtrDPMSvrMLStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $63
UCH-02128 SysCtrEssntls 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $80
UCH-02147 SysCtrEssntls ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $119
UCH-02148 SysCtrEssntls ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $40
4PX-01667 SysCtrEssntlsCltML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $13
4PX-01665 SysCtrEssntlsCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $19
4PX-01666 SysCtrEssntlsCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $7
T9F-00287 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $25
T9F-00285 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $37
T9F-00286 SysCtrEssntlsPlusCltMLSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $13
T7F-00247 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $317
T7F-00245 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $476
T7F-00246 SysCtrEssntlsPlusSvrMLSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $159
DJA-01338 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $80
DJA-00684 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $119
DJA-00667 SysCtrEssntlsSvrML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $40
EEC-00534 SysCtrEssntlswSQL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $669
EEC-00596 SysCtrEssntlswSQL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,003
EEC-00597 SysCtrEssntlswSQL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $335
WRA-00422 SysCtrMDMCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $47
WRA-00423 SysCtrMDMCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $47
WRA-00418 SysCtrMDMCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $70
WRA-00419 SysCtrMDMCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $70
WRA-00420 SysCtrMDMCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $24
WRA-00421 SysCtrMDMCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $24
WQA-00408 SysCtrMDMSvr 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov $1,732
WQA-00410 SysCtrMDMSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $2,598
WQA-00409 SysCtrMDMSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $866
WQA-00181 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov $2,450
WQA-00183 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $3,675
WQA-00182 SysCtrMDMSvrwSQL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $1,225
MUY-00242 SysCtrMgmtSteEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,251
MUY-00249 SysCtrMgmtSteEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $417
9TX-01256 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $20
9TX-01257 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $20
9TX-00609 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $29
9TX-00228 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $29
9TX-00608 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $10
9TX-00233 SysCtrOpsMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $10
UAR-01306 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $463
UAR-00719 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $695
UAR-00653 SysCtrOpsMgrSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $232
UAS-00879 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $345
UAS-00318 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $517
UAS-00317 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $173
UAT-00584 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $126
UAT-00175 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $189
UAT-00174 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrMLStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $63
EFC-00523 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL 2007R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $1,056
EFC-00324 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,584
EFC-00325 SysCtrOpsMgrSvrwSQL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $528
3ND-00504 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $36
3ND-00505 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $36
3ND-00480 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $54
3ND-00501 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $54
3ND-00502 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $18
3ND-00503 SysCtrSrvcMgrCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $18
Q7F-00174 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $463
Q7F-00122 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $695
Q7F-00045 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $232
MVF-00435 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $200
MVF-00519 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $299
MVF-00434 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $100
Q9F-00138 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $1,056
Q9F-00120 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,584
Q9F-00045 SysCtrSrvcMgrSvrwSQL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $528
MCD-00414 SysCtrSvrMgmtSteDataCtr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,045
MCD-00415 SysCtrSvrMgmtSteDataCtr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $349
26C-00558 SysCtrVMMCltML 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $21
26C-00559 SysCtrVMMCltML 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $21
26C-00452 SysCtrVMMCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $31
26C-00453 SysCtrVMMCltML ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $31
26C-00454 SysCtrVMMCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerOSE $11
26C-00455 SysCtrVMMCltML ENG SA OLP NL LclGov PerUsr $11
CJA-00820 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $693
CJA-00513 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,040
CJA-00514 SysCtrVMMSvrMLEnt ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $347
SNA-00582 SysCtrVMMWkgrp 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $402
SNA-00141 SysCtrVMMWkgrp ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $603
SNA-00140 SysCtrVMMWkgrp ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $201
JT9-00013 TechNetPlusDirect ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $460
JT9-00020 TechNetPlusDirect ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $385
Q99-00008 TechnetPlusSingleUsr Win32 ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $835
Q99-00016 TechnetPlusSingleUsr Win32 ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $715
340-01247 VFoxProPro 9.0 Win32 ENG OLP NL LclGov $271
TSD-01028 VisioPrem 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $646
TSD-01026 VisioPrem ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $1,020
TSD-01027 VisioPrem ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $375
D87-04895 VisioPro 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $366
D87-01072 VisioPro ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $578
D87-01187 VisioPro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $213
D86-04527 VisioStd 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $166
D86-01171 VisioStd ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $262
D86-01287 VisioStd ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $97
324-00582 VisualSourceSafe 2005 ENG OLP NL LclGov $325
7XD-00102 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,899
7XD-00100 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $4,349
7XD-00101 VSLoadTstVrtlUsrPK ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,450
N5F-00069 VSPrem 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $3,218
9ED-00201 VSPremwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,232
9ED-00068 VSPremwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $5,085
9ED-00069 VSPremwMSDN ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,867
C5E-00738 VSPro 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $427
77D-00149 VSProwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $917
77D-00107 VSProwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $904
77D-00108 VSProwMSDN ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $746
6KD-00120 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $917
6KD-00104 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $904
6KD-00105 VSProwMSDNEmb ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $746
KKF-00348 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $190
KKF-00346 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $299
KKF-00347 VSTeamExplrerEverywhr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $110
125-00953 VSTeamFndtnSvr 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov $309
125-00183 VSTeamFndtnSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $464
125-00189 VSTeamFndtnSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $155
126-01571 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $309
126-01572 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $309
126-00300 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $464
126-00306 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $464
126-00312 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $155
126-00318 VSTeamFndtnSvrCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $155
66B-00692 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $7,758
66B-00152 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $11,637
66B-00158 VSTeamFndtnSvrExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $3,879
N3F-00072 VSTstPro 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,297
L5D-00225 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $917
L5D-00158 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $2,049
L5D-00159 VSTstProwMSDN ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $753
N4F-00069 VSUlt 2010 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $7,020
9JD-00215 VSUltwMSDN ALNG AddtMdia OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $1,232
9JD-00047 VSUltwMSDN ALNG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $11,091
9JD-00048 VSUltwMSDN ALNG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $4,072
6YA-01627 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $1,292
6YA-01628 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $1,292
6YA-01639 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 50Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $3,228
6YA-01640 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 50Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $3,228
6YA-01633 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $323
6YA-01634 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $323
6YA-02222 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $65
6YA-02223 WinEBSCALSte 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $65
7AA-01627 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $3,109
7AA-01628 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $3,109
7AA-01639 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 50Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $7,771
7AA-01640 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 50Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $7,771
7AA-01633 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $778
7AA-01634 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $778
7AA-02585 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $156
7AA-02586 WinEBSPremCALSte 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $156
9WA-00533 WinHPCSvr 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov Ste $738
9WA-00531 WinHPCSvr ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Ste $1,106
9WA-00532 WinHPCSvr ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Ste $369
AAB-00360 WinHPCSvrOS 2008R2 ENG OLP NL LclGov $379
AAB-00224 WinHPCSvrOS ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov $568
AAB-00225 WinHPCSvrOS ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $190
FQC-03893 WinPro 7 ENG OLP NL LclGov Rental $26
FQC-02420 WinPro 7 ENG Upgrd OLP NL LclGov $149
FQC-02419 WinPro ENG SA OLP NL LclGov $87
FQC-02421 WinPro ENG UpgrdSAPk OLP NL LclGov $236
FQC-04325 WinPro ENG UpgrdSAPk OLP NL LclGov WinPromo $189
T98-02268 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $30
T98-02315 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $30
T98-00712 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $44
T98-00714 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $44
T98-00707 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $15
T98-00708 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsCAL WinNT ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $15
T99-00901 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $14,526
T99-00233 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn WinNT ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $21,789
T99-00234 WinRghtsMgmtSrvcsExtConn WinNT ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $7,264
6VC-01245 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $68
6VC-01246 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $68
6VC-01241 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $101
6VC-01242 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $101
6VC-01243 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $34
6VC-01244 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $34
6XC-00295 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn 2008 ENG OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $6,762
6XC-00293 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $10,142
6XC-00294 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsExtConn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov Qlfd $3,381
6UA-03711 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $1,003
6UA-03712 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $1,003
6UA-03647 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $251
6UA-03648 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $251
6UA-03836 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $51
6UA-03837 WinSBCALSte 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $51
6UA-01417 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $1,503
6UA-01418 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $1,503
6UA-02313 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $376
6UA-02314 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $376
6UA-02774 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $76
6UA-02775 WinSBCALSte ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $76
6UA-01419 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL Qlfd $501
6UA-01420 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL Qlfd $501
6UA-02315 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $126
6UA-02316 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $126
6UA-02776 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $25
6UA-02777 WinSBCALSte ENG SA OLP NL LclGov UsrCAL $25
2XG-00479 WinSBSPremAddOn 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $1,110
2XG-00477 WinSBSPremAddOn ENG LicSAPk OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $1,665
2XG-00478 WinSBSPremAddOn ENG SA OLP NL LclGov 5Clt $555
2YG-02112 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $1,268
2YG-02113 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 ENG OLP 20Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $1,268
2YG-01485 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov DvcCAL $317
2YG-01486 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 ENG OLP 5Lic NL LclGov UsrCAL $317
2YG-00832 WinSBSPremAddOnCalSte 2011 ENG OLP NL LclGov DvcCAL $64
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