Disk Based Solutions vmPRO and DXi

The vmPRO 4000 is a complete data protection solution that combines turnkey simplicity with advanced VM protection technology and market leading value. It’s an all-in-one protection solution for virtual machines in SMBs and remote offices that includes both backup software and storage that leverages deduplication to retain months of data. Industry leading data reduction, fast backup and restore, simple deployment—all at an affordable price.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Backup software and storage all in one, integrated solution optimized for SMB’s and remote offices
  • Includes deduplication for long term retention of data on disk and integrated replication capability for automated DR protection compatible with DXi appliances for distributed environments
  • Two models – the vmPRO 4510 with 2TB usable capacity and the vmPRO 4601—the industry’s first capacity-on-demand deduplication appliance with up to 12TB usable capacity
  • vmPRO 4601 scales from 4 to 12TB by simply activating a license key—no need for a service visit or reconfiguring racks
  • Progressive optimization technology filters out inactive data for maximum performance and resource utilization
  • Virtual appliance based backup approach eliminates agents and extra servers
  • One affordable price includes all software and hardware for a complete protection system
  • Single point of service and support for the entire solution set, including on-site and phone support


The vmPRO 4000 provides the industry’s highest level of overall value. One affordable price gives users everything they need for protecting all their VMs, with no hidden costs or extra charges. The deployment process is fast and easy, with automated discovery of VMs, simple scheduling options, and secure remote administration for multiple units. For sites using conventional backup apps, the vmPRO 4000 improves the effectiveness of legacy backup applications for VMs and can consolidate protection for both physical and virtual servers.

The vmPRO 4000 is supported by Quantum and the industry’s largest and most experienced service team dedicated to backup, recovery and archive.

vmPRO Software

Speed-up and simplify backup and restores, with the industry’s only native backup application for virtual environments.

Quantum vmPRO Provides

  • SPEED. Restore files or boot entire VMs in seconds
  • SIMPLICITY. Drag and drop restores reduces complexity and admin time.
  • PERFORMANCE. Reduce host, network and storage resources by up to 75% with patented Progressive Optimization.
  • COST SAVINGS. Save over 50% compared to traditional backup applications.