Disk Based Solutions NDX and RDX

NDX Series NAS Storage

Quantum NDX Series NAS for Primary Storage and with Deduplication for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Key Features and Benefits

Protect Windows Environments with NDX-8d or NDX-12d Data Protection Appliance

  • Deduplication lowers costs and saves time, reducing network traffic and disk usage by to 90%
  • Protects 2+ years of data (*) – much more than with non-deduplicated disk
  • Multiple disaster recovery options including replication to a second NDX, RDX 8000,SuperLoader 3 tape autoloader, or the cloud

Business Class Primary Storage: The NDX-8 or NDX-12 NAS Devices

  • Business-class storage for networked environments
  • Use as a file server or as iSCSI direct attached storage
  • Faster, more reliable components than consumer oriented NAS devices


The Quantum NDX series network-attached storage (NAS) products offer a platform to build a complete end to end data storage and protection solution that meets your companies needs.
The NDX-8d and NDX-12d data protection appliances with deduplication are the keystone to a robust data protection architecture. Centrally managed, agentless backup protects your data while controlling data growth through the power of deduplication. The NDX-d series also offers unmatched disaster recovery options to meet your business needs including replication to another NDX at a second site, to the cloud, or offsite protection with RDX removable disk or tape via a SuperLoader 3 autoloader.

Business class primary storage is available with the Quantum NDX-8 or NDX-12 NAS. These systems feature faster and more reliable components including enterprise class hard drives and feature a Windows Storage Server operating system for seamless compatibility in any environment. A great solution on their own, they are also the perfect primary storage solution paired with the NDX-d series data protection appliances.

RDX 8000

RDX 8000 Removable Disk Backup
Removable Disk-based Backup and Disaster Recovery in One Unit

 Key Features and Benefits

  • 8-slot iSCSI RDX disk library ideal for small businesses
  • Providing the speed of disk and transportability of tape
  • Use 2/3 fewer cartridges with DATASTOR Shield Deduplication software (*)
  • Unmatched scalability, future-proof compatibility


The Quantum RDX 8000 provides backup and disaster recovery in one system. Ideal for data protection and offsite backup for small businesses, the RDX 8000 is available with DATASTOR Shield deduplication software. Because DATASTOR Shield reduces data up to 20:1 on the client, customers will see a drastic reduction in network traffic and can expect to use 2/3 fewer cartridges than they would with tape or non deduplicated disk while protecting more data, longer. In addition, there is no software to install on clients being backed up, DATASTOR Shield utilizes agentless backup technology, making installation and configuration a breeze. DATASTOR Shield is designed for Windows environments. The RDX 8000 features investment protection that is unmatched in its class. Compatible with all RDX cartridges available today – from 160GB to 1.5TB – customers can size the system to meet their needs using different capacities in different slots.